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  • High Court Rules in Dispute Over Immigrant Teen's Abortion

    High Court Rules in Dispute Over Immigrant Teen's Abortion

    Law Reviews 06/05/2018

    The Supreme Court ruled Monday in a case about a pregnant immigrant teen who obtained an abortion with the help of the ACLU, siding with the Trump administration and wiping away a lower court decision for the teen but rejecting a suggestion her lawye...

  • Columbia Law Review

    Columbia Law Review

    Law Reviews 01/23/2017

    The Columbia Law Review is one of the world’s leading publications of legal scholarship. Founded in 1901, the Review is an independent nonprofit corporation that produces a law journal edited and published entirely by students at Columbia Law S...

  • Trinity Law Review

    Trinity Law Review

    Law Reviews 01/23/2017

    Trinity Law Review is a student-run journal that has published legal scholarship since our founding in 1980. Short of actually printing the journal onto paper, students run the entire process—including selecting articles for publication, editin...

  • California Western Law Review

    California Western Law Review

    Law Reviews 01/23/2017

    One of the most valuable learning experiences available to law students is being a member of their law school's law review. Both the California Western Law Review and the California Western International Law Journal are student run and publish schola...

  • Pace Law Review

    Pace Law Review

    Law Reviews 01/23/2017

    Pace Law Review, edited by students at Pace University School of Law, is devoted to the study and publication of scholarly materials of professional legal interest. Each issue contains articles by professors, practitioners, and judges, as well as stu...

  • Southwestern Law Review

    Southwestern Law Review

    Law Reviews 01/23/2017

    The Southwestern Law Review is a student-edited quarterly journal that publishes scholarly articles and commentary on the law contributed by prominent jurists, practitioners, law professors, and student members of the Law Review staff. Participation ...

  • Loyola Law School Law Reviews

    Loyola Law School Law Reviews

    Law Reviews 01/23/2017

    Loyola Law School students edit and publish three printed law reviews: the Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review, the Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review and the Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review...

  • Liberty University Law Review

    Liberty University Law Review

    Law Reviews 08/23/2016

    Academic Opportunities Join our tight-knit community. We are committed to working individually and collectively to achieve excellence in legal scholarship. Under the guidance of the law faculty, Law Review writers and staff m...

  • Arkansas Law Review

    Arkansas Law Review

    Law Reviews 08/23/2016

    Published quarterly, the Arkansas Law Review has as its primary objective the dissemination of scholarly and authoritative articles on significant legal issues. Its Editorial Board serves the Arkansas legal community and beyond by publishing scholars...

  • Cornell Law Review

    Cornell Law Review

    Law Reviews 08/23/2015

    For 100 years, the Cornell Law Review has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading law journals by publishing significant and challenging contributions to the world of legal scholarship. From its inception in 1915 through 1966, the Co...

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